It all began about 10 years ago - looking for the perfect boat to sail to the Bahamas. The criteria for a perfect boat was heavily weighted for price but there were quite a few others too.

The following are some of the other criteria for our perfect boat:

A number of sail boats were considered and evaluated against the criteria. Designs such as the Aloha 34 and the Niagara 35 met many of the criteria. The Aloha 34 had one major disadvantage - availability. It appeared that owners either held on to their boats or had waiting buyers. We spotted an ad and went to have a look. Enchantment was reasonably well kept and had the added advantage of being shoal draft. There was one problem - it had the pox! It had been treated for osmosis blisters but the protection had been incorrectly applied allowing the osmosis blisters to redevelop between the old gelcoat and the epoxy coating. We proceeded anyway, as I believed I could recoat with Interprotect 2000 before heading south. Time will tell if the recoat is successful.

The Aloha 34 provided safety and comfort with a reasonable draft for the shallow waters of the Bahamas. While it did not meet all the criteria it provided for the major ones and would accommodate modifications for the others.

We began collecting information on the waterway and the Bahamas; reading what ever was available and making modifications to the Aloha. You can read about some of the many changed under "Modifications".