Allens Cay, Exumas

On the way down from Nassau we found ourselves dodging coral heads instead of the crab pots of the ICW. The coral heads,even at high tide, show up as big black spots in the water when the sun is high. No problem convincing the skipper to alter course even if there was probably lots of water. Allens Cay is near the top of the Exuma Islands and a "must see" because of the iguanas. The anchorage was lovely too but proved to be quite rolly at each change of the tide. Enough to disturb our sleep, but we stayed for an extra day for a good look around.

On the beach we found the iguanas or they found us. Boaters have been feeding them so they come out to greet you. Since we had no snacks for them, Carol felt obliged to ask permission to walk on their beach! They seemed reluctant to agree and posted a guard.



From the chart you will see we then moved down to Normans Cay.