The Bahamas!

Looking down from space, the Bahamas look like the Conch shell for which they are so famous. Only a short 50 miles from Florida's coast, these can quickly become a long 50 miles if the wind is from the north, blowing against the Gulf Stream.

The Bahamas are made up of about 700 islands and over 2000 cays. For the most part, the islands are low and rocky, surrounded by coral reefs and sand banks. Markers and buoys are few and far between and often missing. Shoals are common and frequently unmarked. The sand bores are constantly changing. The charts are less than precise.

So why do we want to go there?

The Bahamas part of the trip can be viewed on the 2 maps, below. The first takes us to Nassau and the second down into the Exumas - the islands where we will be spending the majority of our time this year.

Florida to Nassau





Nassau to Georgetown


Look at Exuma Plants & Animals

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