Big Major Spot

From Pipe Creek we move a short distance down to the west side of a cay called Big Major Spot. It's just around the corner from the settlement of Staniel Cay and offers good protection from all winds from the eastern sector.

It has a few claims to fame:

caves; the most notable is the Thunderball Grotto where the movie Thunderball was filmed; this one was just in our anchorage

pigs; yes 2 BIG pigs live on the beach in the bow of that ship-wreck and swim out to greet dinghies hoping they bring food; they are reported to be somewhat aggressive. They also need glasses; they couldn't find the stale bread we offered.

"post office" for mailing letters; Carol found it in the "green building" with only a sign that read "no dogs allowed inside"; she let the postcards drop wondering what happens next?


"grocery stores" where we did manage to get a few things including excellent grapefruit for breakfast the next day while underway;


You could also find restaraunts, propane if you waited 2-3 days, phones, an airport and many other necessities; an interesting settlement.

We dropped by a beautiful motor-sailor and met Rick and Marnie. Turns out they were well acquainted with Pendragon VI from Kincardine.