Isaac Bay, Great Guana

We had planned to head to a bay called Black Point. The settlement here is said to be very traditional. It will have to wait for the return trip as it was Superbowl Weekend there and they expected about 100 boats to anchor there and come ashore for the festivities as well as see the game. Not a scene we relished, especially after midnight and the end of the "festivities". We continued down the west side of Great Guana to a deserted bay and anchored with Lady Margaret for some diving and a peaceful night.

Pristine beaches without a footprint [until we arrived], rugged limestone cliffs and clear, if cool, water. Carol said we found our first "paradise island" and stretched out on a towel to catch the feeling.



Near the boat and off both points making up the bay were coral heads for diving or viewing with the look bucket. No lobsters but lots of colourful fish.