Pipe Creek

Well, this spot has been our target more than any other area we heard of, while planning our trip to the Bahamas. It certainly lived up to its billing. Pictures don't capture the beauty and colours of the anchorage. We of course had to stop off at the PCYC - Pipe Creek Yacht Club. Here you see it in all its Bahamian glory. Rae and Steve along with Al and Ann on Calypso Poet had to make some repairs when they visited last year but when we arrived it was in fine form.

As mentioned, we moved down to Pipe Creek to hide from a cold front, well we sat here through two fronts for about 10 days. One wind squall was reported to have hit 55 knots. The bruce and the plow anchors did their job well. People we met at PCYC have been here since January 7th and don't know if they will be able to get their anchors up. J

Days of 20-25 knots in the anchorage can tie you down when you only have a small dingy, but we did manage to get some conch and make a run up to Compass Cay for a few jugs of water to top off our tanks. We had time for diving when the wind let up, or hiking when it didn't.

Are you sure this is the trail? 

Exuma Sound side of the islands [east]

Most trees could pass for a bonsai

Fan coral on the beach

Sea Urchins at low tide - the black prickly things

Well, guess we can't stay here forever so with the weather stable again for a few days we moved on to Big Major Spot. We'll have to wait for the return trip to see the Exuma Land and Sea Park as we need to get to Georgetown in time for visitors.