Delaware and C&D Canal

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We're "Crossing the Delaware" - George Washington we're not.


Nice run up the river but we couldn't have favorable tides all the way and we finally dropped as low as 3.9 knots over the ground. No matter, it was a beautiful sunny day with lots of fishing boats to wave back to on the way. We both spotted jellyfish - not a good sign for swimming. We elected to stay on the Cohansey River, about 2/3 of the way to the C&D Canal. Grasslands, egrets and crabs; throw in a occassional osprey and you've got a charming spot. We had a 2.5 knot current and a 20 knot wind at night but Bruce did his job well. The crabs may be a bit hard to spot, they were shot through the binoculars as we couldn't go ashore.

Out of the mist of the Delaware came a haunting image from my past!- Salem Nuclear Station.

We hit the 1000 nautical miles today since leaving Kincardine.

We motored up to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, usually just called the C&D for short. We met up with "Lady Margaret", we first met at Troy Lock, and did the crab thing. I still love blue crab in Chesapeake spices and Carol doesn't. Laid over and did more jobs like getting all the dead mussels out of the anchor locker before they ruined my affection for them cooked in garlic and butter!

Next the Chesapeake and a laidback, slow down, take it easy cruise.