Upper Chesapeake

From the C&D we moved to the north east corner of the Chesapeake to a town called, of all things, "Northeast". Water was a little skinny at times but we made it and anchored off the town park. No hussle or noise other than the geese. Seems they are early risers. Carol's shooing them, not feeding them! But we stayed for several days and you can see why.

From Northeast we wandered through crab pots to a well known dent on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay - Still Pond. We wanted to be tucked in before the weekend traffic. Our first evening and following morning were lovely but then came the weekenders. Kinda reminds one of Covered Portage Cove in the North Channel for the numbers. Oh well, they didn't seem to mind us Canadians in their waters one little bit. We were rocked, by mostly controlled wakes, just like the rest!

Strong northeasterlies going northwest were forecast and Still Pond was wideopen in that direction so we elected to move just around the corner to the first of the Chesapeake's "hurricane holes" - not that we needed one for the forecast. Worton Creek proved to be very snug as the winds hit 25 knots at times during the night. Bruce did his job well yet again.

Turned out to be a lovely group of creeks just perfect for dingy exploring and walking country roads. We stayed a few days.

On the first day of back to school Carol played hooky with a sleep in, a fantastic mushroom

omlette and a row around the creek.[Bill and Carol click here for the fancy version!]

For John M. and Rae S., our marina mangers back home, I include this link to some pictures of a great marina work boat we saw at Worton Creek.

Next we moved to an area near the well known Rock Hall, called Swan Creek, where we could anchor.

The airforce kept bussing the anchorage in very large planes. We thought they might be looking for Canadians! Check out the mini-movie called airshow.[3.3 Mb avi]

Here we saw our first jellyfish and decided to stay out of the water!

From Swan Creek we sailed, yes sailed [a 11.5 Mb AVI file] across the Chesapeake to a small area behind Gibson Island. Gibson Island is a gated island with restricted access from everywhere. Great little spot just 15 miles 20 miles from Baltimore. For a full 360 view of our spot you may wish to try this .mov using Quicktime 4 or better.

[It's a 600k file.]

Next stop Baltimore where we meet Dan, Nancy and the grandkids followed by Heather and Andy. With Dan, Nancy, Larissa and Katelyn we saw the Aquarium and Port Discovery. With Heather and Andy we sailed to Annapolis and did the town. Great fun. If you'd like to see the family pictures click here. Since they are just that, our family pictures, they have no explainations but the titles on the thumbnails may give you a a clue. The journal will fill in some details.