Erie State Park - Pennsylvania

From Ashtabula we moved on to Erie, Pennsylvania. Here, there is a State Park called Presque Isle [this AVI file requires QuickTime 4 viewer]. Presque Isle is a beautiful spot. We stayed several days as we planned to meet with Sea Cycle. She is returning from two years in the Caribbean, going as far south as Trinidad. Swimming was excellent as promised by our friends on La Vie Dansante. More about our stay in the Journal.

Sea Cycle Arriving at Erie, Pennsylvania 

Three Caribbean Cruisers - 1 a novice 

 Six Friends on Enchantment




Grandma finds another hidden note from our granddaughters. Her delight is evident.


From Erie or Presque Isle we headed up wind to Dunkirk. It's an interesting harbour that seems centered around the power station. Like many ports it's having its share of problems with low water and weeds. Still, a friendly harbour with first night free. The night we were there, they had a meeting to discuss dredging. Sounds just like this spring in Kincardine.

The Dunkirk Yacht Club, club house is built on stilts over the water. When you step out of the shower you can look down at the lake below as you drip dry!

Beer is available on tap for a donation. We were happy to make a donation to this quaint harbour.