Down the Atlantic Coast

We left New York City area from Liberty State Park after a restful night. Monday morning was sure a change from Sunday afternoon - we only had tugs and ferries to watch! Liberty was a sight in the morning sun.

Down past Sandy Hook and out into the Atlantic Ocean. A perfect morning for a motor-sail down the coast to Manasquan Inlet. We took a dock. How could we resist the deal - $20 but if you ate at the Shrimp Box it was applied to your meal. What a meal - all you could eat salad bar and great shrimp. Back to the boat for a sunset and sleep between working boats coming and going.


[click picture to zoom]

Another perfect day for our first experiences on the Atlantic. She was a gentle lady complete with dolphins. A bit far away but if you look closely you can see them.

Atlantic City was not a favorite spot to anchor. The current and winds opposing, we wrapped our keel several times. Always easy to clear - thanks for a swept back keel! We had to wait out strong south-westerlies so we moved to a dock and did jobs. You have to walk through slums to get to the glitter of the casinos.

On to Cape May Inlet and the canal. A comfortable mortor-sail. Anchored off the Coast Guard Station and watched the boat parade.

We departed for the Delaware in the morning.[click picture to zoom]