The Hudson and New York

The Hudson River has many faces; beautiful woodlands, to run down factories. The mountains make up for any shortages in scenery along the way.

We left Guard Lock 2 for the rapid decent down the 5 locks to Troy and the Federal Lock on the Hudson River. Due to the signifcant rainfall it was a challenge! Debris everywhere up to and including whole trees. The dam flow was damned impressive. Hudson River lighthouses are beautiful. These are the one at Hudson on the Hudson and at Catskills just north of where we raised our mast.

Got into "Hop-o-Nose Marina on August 15th and readied the mast for a lift tomorrow.

The unassuming Hop-o-Nose crew set the mast so gently you'd think they'd done this once or twice.

Moved on to Saugerties - a Town up the Esopus River. We anchored and tied to shore to limit our swing.

Carol got in her first real row of the trip and explored further up the river. The swans were agressively friendly, taking bread from your hand.




We wandered down the Hudson and stopped behind and Island called Pollepel. It has a large castle ruin. Very impressive. They're everywhere, they're everywhere - trains on the Hudson! Pollepel is the closest we anchored to the tracks. Next we moved to Haverstraw Bay for a rendezvous we'd been looking forward to since the beginning. We met with Tim & Debi on Shillelagh, another Aloha. They had reservations all set up. After a lovely stay at Haverstraw and a gentle trip down the Hudson under the George Washington Bridge we arrived at mayhem - New York on a Sunday! Huge wakes in every direction! The peace at Liberty State Park was welcomed.


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Navigating is often best done simply with all crew pressed into service.

In some cases it's all eyeballs wide open just for safety!

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