The Intracoastal Waterway [ICW]

There are 3 maps on this page to get from Norfolk, at Mile Zero to Miami, Florida. Each map has related pages or you can just start at the Dismal Swamp and use the right arrow of the icon at the top of each page to see them all.

The Intracoastal Waterway, commonly called the ICW or sometimes "The Ditch" starts just south of Norfolk, Virginia - it's called Mile Zero - and runs for about 1250 miles down to Miami.

Here are some highlights of what we saw in the northern part.

Boaters, travelling in the Carolinas in the hurricane season [June 1 - November 30] tend to travel quickly. The Carolinas stick out into the Atlantic and are often the landing spot for these storms. We were fortunate that in our trip down, no significant storms came ashore. You frequently monitor the weather stations for updates.

 Stuart, Florida on the St Lucie River was our target as a place to leave the boat and return to Toronto to see our daughter's new baby, expected about the end of November. Al & Di will be baby-sitting Enchantment while we take a flight home for 2 weeks.

Stuart is handy for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is Okeechobee where Ron and Ruth [from Kincardine harbour] are stationed with their trailor - it's only 1/2 hour by car. Secondly, it's where we expect to keep Enchantment next summer while we duck home to avoid the heat and hurricanes.




The Dismal Swamp

Elizabeth City to Oriental

Morehead to Charleston

Charleston to Cumberland

Cumberland to Stuart

Stuart to Miami - NEW