Mentor Harbour and Astabula - Ohio

On leaving Pelee Island the next day, we again motored into headwinds. Checked with a commercial ship regarding our radar image. He kindly informed us that we "had a good picture".

We entered Mentor Harbour after being unable to raise them on VHF. Took on diesel fuel and water just to be sure. I had sailed into Mentor about 20 years ago with Peter and Carol O. on the delivery of Majorette to Kincardine. Majoerette is a 39' yawl and looked small in Mentor then. It still would today.

As you can see from the chart insert, Mentor is essentially a harbour carved out of the side of Erie and services a wide variety of boaters.


We motored upwind again to Astabula Harbour. Here we experienced our first lift bridge known as a bascule bridge - hinged on one side. We dutifully sounded one long and one short as paused as the bridge was raised just enough. We motored up the river a short distance to Astabula Yacht Club - a very friendly and helpful bunch of members. The club is well maintained and clean; however, if you look across the river from the docks this is what you see. The trains shunted all night.

Apparently they were delivering coal to the ship we saw at dock when we entered. Seems there's an electrical utility up in Ontario that shutdown some nuclear stations and now needs US coal to meet the power requirements. We still enjoyed our stay, picked up a few groceries and sent some mail.

While here, Carol took the opportunity to catch up a bit on her journal for our web page. It will be presented as text only so it can easily be printed for passing on to family and friends that are without internet access.