Pelee Island

Leaving Amherstburg was a bit of a challenge. We had to have the dingy raised on the stern as the slip way was too narrow, we had to backout [you know sailboats and backing up] and the current was about 2 knots. Made it!

Motored down the shipping channel out into Lake Erie. We counted ourselves officially in Lake Erie at the Racon Light where we turned for Pelee Island. We could have turned earlier but would have had to worry about stake nets.


Passing the islands of western Lake Erie resulted in a significant increase in calls to the coast guard from small to medium sized power boats. One island in particular, Middle Sister Island, seemed have the nasty habit of jumping up out of deep water and snagging unsuspecting fishermen.

We motored again into headwinds to Pelee Island, the north bay, known as Scudder Harbour. An Ohio Yacht Club had reserved the docks so we seemed to be destined to anchor out. As we turned a powerboat cast off giving us a spot on the Government Dock - free. Pretty island with cottages to rent, tour bus and taxi for exploring further afield.