Heading Home

This page covers the trip from Georgetown, Exuma, north to Chub where we plan to leave for an overnight run to Lake Worth, at West Palm, Florida. If you're interested in some of the nature shots in the Exumas be sure to look at the Exuma Land and Sea Park shots by clicking on the thumbnail of the sailboat below.

We motor-sailed north from Georgetown, heading for "Children's Bay". We decided to continue on to Rudder Cay as the wind was to be less than favourable. Here Carol says we found "Snug Harbour" - a fully protected harbour in the Georgian Bay! It's a private hurricane harbour. The owners offered it to us and the friends we were traveling with, Lady Margaret and Crux, for the night. Not the most beautiful spot but certainly "snug".



Next stop Staniel Cay. We wanted to dive at the Thunderball - where they filmed part of the movie. It's the small cay in the centre and is essentially a large underwater cave. You enter at low tide when the currents are minimal - exciting with beautiful coral and fish.


We decided to do the big night out at Club Thunderball. The dinner was well presented and the place was about as spotless as places are in the Bahamas.


Carol is standing in front of a Bougainvillea bush. The closeup gives an idea of the tissue paper thinness of the flower.

On the Exuma Sound side near the entrance was this "Pirate Trap" with all the trappings.



Still on the ocean side of Club Thunderball is a tranquil pool right next to the rushing current of the entrance.



The current at the entrance from Exuma Sound at sunset.



We moved on to Pipe Creek. Here we dingyed up to Compass Cay Marina to see the feeding of the sharks. Above Denise from Crux is "calling" a nurse shark by slapping on the water.





We stopped at the Exuma Land and Sea Park that we missed on the way down. For a good look at some of the plants and animals click on the picture of the Park Headquarters above.

Then it's on to Norman's Cay - the one with the sunken airplane we saw on the way down. We visited with Calypso Poet and Bean's and did some beach walking. We had an "incident" with the current at the Park and were not ready for another dive in strong currents running here.


Next stop Nassau. We had a perfect day for the 40+ mile motor-sail up the banks and arrived in Nassau in good time.



We spent the next two days seeing the sights of Nassau and washing off some of the salt from Enchantment.

Here Carol is taking in the beautiful aquarium.


This photo Carol dubbed "LaLa Land" - really it's the famous hotel, Atlantis, you see from almost anywhere in Nassau or the surounding waters.


LaLa Land #2.

It normally costs $25 each to wander through LaLa Land and use the facilities.



We had expected to be stuck in Nassau by the next cold front but it fizzled out so we moved on to Chub Cay - our staging spot for our dash across the Gulf Stream to Florida. Not a bad place to lounge waiting for the perfect weather window for the 140 mile run! And just around the corner is a beautiful 3 mile ocean beach.


There was even a piper to pipe down the sun - just like home, eh! J



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