Our adventure is divided into 3 sections:

 Section 1 The trip from Kincardine to the New York area including the Erie Barge Canal Complete, end of August, 2000
 Section 2 Hudson River, New York, down the Intracostal Waterway [ICW] to Florida including Chesapeake Bay Updated January 4, 2001, Stuart to Miami added.
 Section 3 The Bahamas including crossing over the Gulf Stream from Florida the the Bahama Banks and back.
Updated April 23, 2001
We're back in Canada

Some sections have a small map with names of places of interest. By clicking on the name, additional information will be displayed if available. This may include pictures of the area and portions of our journal describing parts of our adventure. You may prefer to move through much of the trip using the icons. The back arrow will often go to the page before on the trip and the forward arrow to the next. Home takes you to the home page in case you get lost. Please select the section of interest from the above.

At any time you may go to the Journal for a text rendition of our journey written by Carol.