Sarnia to Amherstburg

After leaving Sarnia [for a description of unhappy stay see the "Journal"] we motored down the St Clair River about an hour but had to stop when we noticed an unusual sound from the engine. Turns out the freshwater pump that was suspect even before we left Kincardine decided to start spitting ball-bearings. We anchored and replaced the pump, had lunch and then continued on down the river.

You can never be sure what the river will surprise you with in the way of sights!


We elected to stay at the Windsor Yacht Club. Very nice club house and friendly staff. Leaving Windsor, the view of the skyline and Ambasador Bridge can only be captured in a panorama shot.

From here we motored down to Amherstburg for a night at Duffy's Docks - recommended by John M. A little rolly at times but certainly a friendly bunch of dock boys. The town is a must see if you should stop there. [click on pictures for zoom]

 Duffy's Dock

 Navy Gardens